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For the FACE

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing for a more aggressive facial rejuvenation, or the less intensive Microneedling treatment to promote collagen production, minimize fine lines and give you that holiday glow. 15% off this month


Tighten up that sagging, loose skin under your arms and minimize that double chin with Cool Lipo then follow up with Revision’s Nectifirm Cream to keep the skin smooth and firm! 15% off Cool Lipo this month, 10% off Nectifirm Cream when purchased with Cool Lipo

For the BODY

Body Jet Liposuction is a minimally invasive water-assisted liposuction. This procedure is a ONE-TIME procedure that will yield the results you are looking for within only weeks of your appointment unlike some of the latest trends in body contouring today. 15% off this month!

For the LEGS

Take advantage of having met your insurance deductibles and get rid of your varicose and spider veins. Your legs will look their best in your holiday dresses!

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