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Even though liposuction has been successfully performed for decades, many patients are wary of the procedure because of the associated risks, downtime and inconsistent results. Practically everyone has heard a horror story about liposuction gone wrong.

Dr. Kim understands these concerns and has chosen to specialize in the latest, minimally invasive lipo techniques including Body jet lipo, a water-assisted liposuction procedure. Also known as Aqua-Lipo, Body-jet Lipo is a completely safe technique performed under local anesthesia with very little downtime and superior results.

Dr. Kim was the first cosmetic surgeon in the Mid west to offer Body-jet lipo and he is still recognized as the leader in the Chicago region. Not only does Dr. Kim perform Body- jet Lipo in his Oakbrook Terrace Office, but he is a Body-jet trainer, teaching cosmetic doctors from around the United States this innovative technique.

Body-jet liposuction is a new technique that works by delivering gentle pulses of saline fluids into the body to dislodge fat from tissues for easy removal, making it much more gentle and significantly less invasive than traditional techniques. Developed in Germany, body-jet has been adopted and performed successfully in the US since being approved by the FDA in 2008.

High Definition Results Traditional liposuction entails having a large amount of tumescent solution (saline/epinephrine/lidocaine mixture) introduced into the body. Body-jet liposuction uses the same solution, but at much lower quantities. This benefits the procedure in two ways: there is less risk of reaching dangerous lidocaine toxicity levels, and the physician is able to sculpt much more precisely without the bloating, based on a better anatomical assessment. This is turn yields superior cosmetic results.

Gentle Treatment The body-jet system uses powerful, yet gentle water waves to loosen fat for suction. Because of its accuracy, it is significantly less traumatic on the connective tissues, nerve fibers, blood vessels, and the lymphatic drainage system. This results in far less pain, bruising, and blood loss compared to the traditional method, which primarily relied on brute force to dislodge fat.

Fewer Risks Local anesthetic is used for body-jet liposuction. This means less risk of complications, as well as less downtime for the patient. Patients will be able to leave shortly after the procedure is done.

Fast Treatment Body-jet liposuction is a much more efficient technique and therefore takes less time to perform. With less tumescent solution in the body, the physician is able to perform with greater precision. Also, it is easier to position the patient during the procedure by having them move themselves since they are awake.

Less Downtime Because using body-jet is far less traumatic to the body, recovery time is just a few days. All of these reasons contribute to the high patient satisfaction rate, especially when compared to traditional liposuction.

On the day of surgery, patients will report to a clean and sterile surgical suite and go through standard pre-operation procedures. Once all preparation is completed, body-jet liposuction will commence in three phases:

  • Infiltration phase – Tumescent solution is injected into the subcutaneous fatty layer as anesthesia.
  • Irrigation and suction phase – Gentle, yet powerful jet streams of water detach adipose fat cells while simultaneously suctioning them out via specific cannulas.
  • Drying phase – Another cannula removes any leftover fluid in the tissue, which makes immediate contouring possible with minimal swelling.

Body-jet liposuction takes significantly less time than the traditional liposuction methods since the infiltration phase is much shorter. The second phase is also highly efficient since it entails breaking up the fat and removing it simultaneously. In other words, body-jet liposuction removes fluids just as quickly as fluids are introduced. The physician controls the amount of water pressure during the procedure, gently delivering infiltrate and ensuring no trauma is caused to any of the surrounding tissue or structures. Depending on the patient and the number of areas to be treated, the actual procedure can last anywhere from one hour to over three hours. After the procedure, the patient spends one hour in recovery before being discharged.

After body-jet liposuction, there will be some fluid drainage from the small incisions where the cannulas were used. These incisions are so minuscule that they do not require any stitching and will heal up on their own after just a few days. Because the body-jet procedure is dramatically less invasive than traditional liposuction, associated downtime of the procedure is about 48 hours. Most patients resume normal activities the following day, and return to work within a few days. This can vary depending on the individual and how extensive treatment was. A compression garment is given after every body-jet procedure to help contour the body by letting the skin’s elastin shape the treated areas. The garment should be worn under the clothes for at least two weeks.

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Body Jet Lipo FAQs

For many individuals, losing fat in those certain troublesome areas can seem nearly impossible. Exercise and proper diet oftentimes isn’t enough to address these stubborn fatty pockets of the body. A lot of this is due to genetics, but also can be caused by the body’s own hormonal changes (such as post pregnancy). Individuals who feel that a particular area is not in proportion to the rest of their body may be good candidates for body-jet water-assisted liposuction. Candidates for this procedure should also be in good health and not be too overweight. If the patient has too much fat, they will not benefit from body-jet liposuction, as it is a body-contouring procedure. Any contouring done by the physician will lack definition and therefore not be worth going through with the procedure. In these cases, the patient is often recommended to start a medical weight loss program first (i.e. hormone diet program), to encourage optimal results from their liposuction procedure.

Body-jet liposuction can virtually treat anywhere from the neck down to the knees. However, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and also the amount of skin in the area, other types of liposuction may be more preferable, such as CoolLipo. Because body-jet liposuction allows for the removal of large volumes of fat safely, the most frequently treated areas of body-jet liposuction are the abdomen, love handles, hips, saddlebags, waist, buttocks, thighs, back, and chest. What’s more, because body-jet is so gentle, the fat removed can be harvested and transferred to other parts of the body where the patient desires more fullness (e.g. breasts, buttocks, and hands). Please see our fat transfer page for more details.

Yes. The fat removed from the body will not return to the treated areas, even if weight is gained after the procedure. Weight put on afterwards will be distributed to other parts of the body. Many individuals choose a medical weight loss program after the procedure to work on losing the fat that cannot be removed via liposuction. This is fat not located in the subcutaneous tissue, but in the visceral layers around internal organs. These are areas that the body-jet device does not treat.

Because everyone and their goals are different, stating a general price for a body-jet procedure could be misleading. Having a consultation with our physician would be the best way to get an accurate price specifically for you.

Our physician, Dr. Taek Kim, has over twenty years of surgical experience. His knowledge of human anatomy, as well as his aesthetic eye for cosmetic procedures, is highly regarded in the medical community. In 2005, he traveled to Germany to train directly under the inventor of body-jet. The German manufacturing company, Human Med, later acquired the body-jet system and further improved the machine into the popular version being used today. In 2009, Dr. Kim was chosen by Human Med to train other doctors in the US because of his meticulous attention to detail and impeccable technique. As such, Dr. Kim was the first physician to perform the body-jet liposuction procedure in the Midwest and has trained most of the other physicians in the Chicagoland area that perform it.

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